Buy TRANCE VIDEO - B. Buy video now

Buy your legal TRANCE VIDEO now! Ready to buy your favorite video?

a. buy TRANCE VIDEO point.(deposit)
b. use your point(deposit) to buy videos.

 1,000pt  = 1,080 JPY(Tax included)
 3,000pt  = 3,240 JPY(Tax included)
 5,000pt  = 5,400 JPY(Tax included)
 10,000pt  = 10,800 JPY(Tax included)

Let's Go!

1. Login and go to deposit page (ポイント購入), choose the first options(Credit Card) and how many pt you want to deposit.
You can not use other deposit way if you don't live in Japan.
Accepted Card: Master Card, VISA, JCB, Diners
I use the card not issued by Japan, is OK.
Then click the RED button.

2.Confirm your choose the click the RED button to go to purchase page.

3. Enter those info. Credit Card Number / Valid month, year / Name (in English) / CVV2 number.
Make sure the info is correct then click the BIGGER White button(入力確認).

4. Confirm your purchase info. Then click the BLUE button.

5.See the GREEN screen? It success! and back to TRANCE VIDEO.

6. Back to TRANCE VIDEO , it will show you success info. Click the RED button will go to member page.

7. Now you can find your favorite video, click the YELLOW cart button, add to cart.

8. Review your shopping cart, click the RED button.

9. Confirm your item, then click the RED button.

10. Congratulations! You have finish the purchase! Click the RED button, will take you to videos list.

11. I recommend you download the video now! Click the LEFT RED button (ダウンロード) to download it now!

You MUST FINISH DOWNLOAD the item in 24 hours.
You can ONLY DOWNLOAD the item in 24 hours, after this, you can't download it again BUT if you finish the download, you can watching forever without time limited.